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August 24

Inside Tokyo’s Wildest Host Clubs

Turn down the lights, hire a bunch of cute hosts, and keep the drinks coming, and it shouldn’t matter what your club looks like, right? Actually, no. Designing host clubs is a lot like designing casinos and supermarkets – if you want to inspire women to spend money like water, you better make sure you have a bunch of these: […]

April 04

Cherry Blossoms Lit Up At Night: My Favorite Spots!

  Oh no, don’t think you can put your feet up and flip some channels after the sun goes down during cherry blossom season – thanks to the current craze for “illuminations,” the ogling opportunities will seriously cut into your TV time. Here are my favorite nighttime viewing spots. Get thee to the nearest grove and give your camera […]

March 20

Neon Wonderland

Tokyo isn’t a beautiful city, except when it rains at night. Then the neon flows into the streets, brighter than liquid gold. • Read a novel set in Tokyo…  

September 27

Akihabara At Night: An Electronic Jewelbox

If Electric Town makes your heart beat faster during the day, just wait until nighttime! Crowds of Forever Alones and idol worshippers alike are drawn to its pulsing neon, mesmerized by the glow. If you’d like to visit the Akihabara area the next time you’re in Tokyo, directions & maps are on my website, The Tokyo Guide I Wish I’d […]

August 05

Tokyo Nighthawks

I guess all over the world, little islands of warmth and light attract the nighthawks for a cuppa and some companionship. I chanced across this Hopper-esque scene while taking pictures late one night in Shibuya, on the fringes of Love Hotel Hill. • Read a novel set in Tokyo…

July 16

Tokyo Tower, On A Rainy Night

It’s still rainy season in Tokyo, but that just means more opportunities to take beautiful pictures at night! Here’s Tokyo’s beloved orange replica of the Eiffel Tower, shining through the raindrops running down the window of my friend’s car… If you’d like to see Tokyo Tower the next time You’re in Tokyo, a map is on my […]

June 17

Tokyo Streets At Night, Shining In The Rain

It’s rainy season in Tokyo right now. But the steamy, gray, days turn into magical warm nights, the pavement shining like a river of melted neon… • Read a novel set in Tokyo