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April 26

Subway Trololo

AHAHAHAHA! No! Seriously? Packed like sushi into my morning commute train, I didn’t even have enough room to hold my kanji flashcards in front of my nose and flip through them cross-eyed, so I was reduced to watching the endless cycle of ads on the video monitors above the doors. Electric razors…beer…makeup…Broadway musicals with all-Japanese casts…insurance…bead bracelets…WHAT?! <fellow commuters edge […]

January 24

Help! I’m On The Subway And I’m Gonna Hurl!

In America, stomach remedies are usually accompanied by the image of someone who ate too much. In Japan, the need is greatest among those who overindulged at last night’s office drinking party, and those who periodically have to take life-altering exams. That’s why this popular intestinal anguish remedy comes in two sizes: one for adults […]