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December 23

A Little Radiation Reading With Your Beer?

The other night at our end-of term drinking party, my classmate Garry whipped out his pocket Geiger counter to check the radiation levels at the always-excellent Ushitora beer bar in Shimo-Kitazawa. Fortunately, the only reading that was high by the end of the evening was everyone’s blood alcohol level. Garry works for a company that sells these […]

October 06

More Alike Than You Might Think

This week my friend Tomoko and I searched out a tiny vintage kimono shop in Shimo-kitazawa that was featured in Yamato Kimono-hime, the magazine from which I scanned the fabulously styled photo on the left. That article made me think differently about kimonos, and I got to thinking about how Kalico Delafay’s Dollymop designs made me think differently about a western garment that historically defined female beauty: […]

October 03

Eat A Peach

That’s the name of the tiny bar in Shimo-kitazawa where we ended up last night after listening to Brazilian jazz at Apollo, a slightly larger drinkery where you sip your beer among the musicians as they play. I think Tokyo should win a prize for the number of businesses operating in spaces the size of a […]