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January 15

Today’s Special Guest: Winter

Conveniently scheduled for a national holiday so hundreds of thousands of commuters wouldn’t be inconvenienced by trains that occasionally had to pause while snow and/or ice and/or tree limbs could be cleared from the tracks, this year’s 24 hours of winter did not disappoint! Snow bucketed down from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. as the […]

November 27

It’s Really All About The Sticky Rice Balls

Yeah, yeah, I know – leaves glowing in autumnal splendor, fall evening clear and crisp, moon shining bright, pond like a mirror, and the photos are sure to wow the folks back home. But let’s go bottom line: it’s really all about the miso dango. I’ve waited ALL YEAR for the Rikugi-en garden in Komagome to […]

December 05

Little Blobs of Heaven on a Stick

On the last night that the fall leaves were illuminated at Rikugi-en, we stumbled across the mitarashi dango stand. In a little hut beneath the maple trees, this man and his wife were dishing up skewers of rice cakes, roasted over charcoal and slathered with miso  sauce. Sometimes mitarashi dango – the traditional balls made […]

December 03

Electric Leaf Season

Yesterday I went from Rikugi-en, the 17th century garden designed to include 88 views from famous waka poems, to Kabuki-chō, famous for more than 88 kinds of, er, entertainment. In both places Leaf Season was in full swing. Everybody knows about Cherry Blossom Season, but here in Japan, the changing of the autumn leaves excites […]