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March 25

New Type Kimono: Maximum Princess

Your typical Japanese gyaru might be happy to see kimono-wearing go the way of ballroom dancing and tea ceremony, but a growing number of hip young women are adopting the techniques of alt fashion subcultures to breathe new life into old-skool clothes. Kimono hime lovers flaunt convention with a mash-up of vintage patterns, non-trad color combos and Western accessories to spawn a style that is utterly new, yet still utterly […]

March 20

Suica Penguins For Lunch!

Yes, I admit it: the reason I have a Suica train pass rather than a PASMO is that that Suica penguin mascot is SO SO SO CUTE. And guess what? I just discovered that we penguin-o-philes don’t have to be satisfied with the occasional squee! when we go through the train turnstile – now we can have Suica Penguins for […]

February 26

Even The Bar Codes Are Kawaii In Japan

Ahahahaha, Heintz Japan for the win! (Hey, so I ran out of stuff to read at dinner (><) SHUT UP!) • Read a novel set in Tokyo  

December 24

Princess Rice

Sometimes, no matter what time of year it is, I’m just in the mood for a plate of princessy rice! • Read a novel set in Tokyo

December 10

Pikachu Fishcakes!

Never thought I’d be using the words “squeee!” and “fishcake” in the same sentence, but…! • Read a novel set in Tokyo

December 05

Hot Springs Latte Art

It was a rainy autumn morning in the mountains of Gunma, but I didn’t care because I’d just spent a half hour soaking in punishingly hot mineral water at a Japanese inn and was sitting in front of an extra-strong coffee with the hot springs mark drawn in the foam! • Read a novel set in Tokyo  

November 08

Tokyo Design Festa: Zombie Matryoshika & More

If you’re in Tokyo, get thee to Design Festa RIGHT NOW! It’s on through Sunday the 9th, out in Odaiba at Big Sight. You definitely don’t want to miss seeing (and buying!): Design Festa is on from 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. through Sunday November 9 at Tokyo Big Sight convention center, near Kokusai-tenjijo Station. […]