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November 20


That cute little piggy lurking on the lid might make me think twice about using this nabé pot to whip up a big cauldron of pork intestine soup and switch to a nice stew made with cow stomachs instead. Fortunately, Japanese cuisine never features cats or bears, so these Nabé Pots Of Unbearable Cuteness would be safe […]

August 07

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Moves On To Cooking

If only I could instruct various ingredients to assemble themselves into yum-looking dishes like this with a wave of my magic wand! (Hint, hint, Xmas wish list: MAGIC WAND) Saw these at the plastic food model store where I learned how to make tempura and lettuce last December. And in case you’re wondering about the […]

December 20

Make Your Own Plastic Food!

Last week I jumped at the chance to visit a place that makes fake food models for Japanese restaurants and learn the secrets of making tempura and lettuce! Making fake lettuce is so much easier than making real lettuce. No need to acquire the superpower to create life, no need to construct a carefully balanced […]

December 15

Giant Prowling Shrimp

Was walking along the sidewalk today and suddenly there was this giant shrimp. It was outside one of the stores that sell the super-realistic plastic food models you see in restaurant windows. Inside the store were more weird delights. • Read a novel set in Tokyo…