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April 05

So, What DO Cherry Blossoms Taste Like?

Around cherry blossom season in Japan, the shelves suddenly fill with “sakura”-flavored food. But what does cherry blossom-flavored food actually taste like? I investigate. *Edited, thanks to Little Alex, whose comment below quite rightly pointed out that I had been utterly fooled into buying these unseasonal PLUM FLOWER sprinkled chips. Thinking that because they were still […]

February 14

Obscure Snack Flavor Of The Day

It’s late, and you’re jonesing for your favorite midnight snack, but someone ate the last of the red beans and then they left the butter out, so now it’s covered in marks that look suspiciously like they were made by a cat tongue. What to do, what to do? Well, if you’ve played your cards […]

October 22

Glamorous Gum

Hey, check this out – all I have to do to automatically look more glamorous is to chew a piece of this Glamatic gum! Gum chewing does not make anyone look more glamorous. Trust me on this. Well this one does. See, it says “Plus Beauty” right here. And why would they put a picture […]

October 01

Swiss Cheese Chocolate

Why are Japanese sweets makers so unclear on the concept? Is it really that hard? Cream cheese + white chocolate = YES PLEASE. Swiss cheese + white chocolate = NO NO NO NO NO NO NEVER PUT THESE TWO THINGS TOGETHER THAT IS DISGUSTING BARF BARF BARF. Okay. Thanks for letting me get that off […]

May 18

Snacks With Eyes

Forget the pretzels and potato chips next time you slouch onto your sofa to watch the big game – why not pound down a snack that stares right back at you? This bag of Almond Fishes promises all the crunchy goodness of sight-challenged munchies, plus a righteous dose of calcium. And it’s all-natural! The calcium […]

May 08

Whatever It Is, It Must Be Powerful

Okay, I’m standing in the checkout line with my basket, hoping that the nice, grandmotherly, Japanese cashier won’t notice that all I’m buying is hamburger, batteries and beer. In fact, I’m considering putting some other stuff in my basket, just to disguise the fact that all I’m buying is hamburger, batteries and beer. The point-of-purchase […]

May 03

Fish Egg Mayo Pizza Chips

Can’t decide whether to go for pizza or sushi? Now you don’t have to, thanks to this revolutionary new potato chip flavor from Calbee. It’s bursting with the goodness of cod roe, mayonnaise, seaweed, cheddar and swiss cheese! But there’s more! On the back, there’s a special offer! I was extremely disappointed to discover I […]