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January 01

At New Year’s In Japan, Bigger Is Better

It’s that time of year when too much is just enough. And biggest of all, my thanks to all you wonderful readers and commenters (and especially those of you who read and enjoyed my books!) for another great year of laughing and crying and saying hunh? with me as we wander through the ever-amazing world […]

December 31

New Year’s Food Scandal!

What’s wrong with this box of traditional new year’s food (besides the fact that two measly boxes of cold appetizers cost $525)? Well, if it came from any one of the swanky department stores that was recently snagged for mislabeling ingredients, those costly “Shiba” prawns might be proletarian shrimp from India, that “Japanese wagyu beef” was […]

January 18

Garbage Police Of The Gods

Don’t even think of tossing your Daruma figures, dolls or stuffed animals in the Divine Trash Bin! The very existence of this sign on the collection point outside the Meiji Shrine suggests there’s a major issue with people chronically flinging the Wrong Sort Of Stuff into the sacred  New Year’s bonfires: grubby Pikachus, dolls that have […]

January 03

Happy Year Of The Snakelet!

It’s tough to make a snake appealing, but they give it a damn good try here in Japan. Naturally, over the past three days, I’ve seen everything from lucky red underwear to beer emblazoned with cute ones, funny ones, elegant ones, snakes with flowers, snakes with smiles, and this one, the jointed bamboo snake toy! […]

January 01

Celebrating New Year’s, Japanese Style

When I made my hatsumōde (first shrine visit of the year) to the Nezu Shrine this morning, it did not disappoint. New Year’s is observed with all kinds of traditions in Japan, but none were more entertaining than this troupe of beautiful women taiko drummers. They make it look easy, but taiko drumming is a workout that […]