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December 10

Jack The Ripper – The Musical

Purple crushed velvet, bejeweled fake fur, slashed to the navel satin shirt – somehow the Japanese version of the elusive old serial killer comes off as slightly more of a gay blade than history gives him credit for! But it gets better – this isn’t the original production of Jack The Ripper, The Musical. The world […]

August 26

Gonna Wash That Woman Right Out Of My Hair…

An all-Japanese, all-female, stage production of South Pacific? A play in which not only are most of the main characters undeniably male, they’re also employed in fighting against, uh, THE JAPANESE…?! This latest theatre poster promises a show more boggling than the all-Japanese production of Amadeus, the all-Japanese version of Fiddler On The Roof, and all-female stage rendition […]

February 21

“Ocean’s 11”: All-New, All-Japanese And All-Female!

The Takurazuka stage production of the classic caper film naturally features the usual all-female cast, with lots of choice roles for the otokoyaku actresses who specialize in male roles! Taking a page from the training traditions of onnagata (kabuki actors who specialize in female roles), from the moment they are chosen to impersonate dudes, the Takurazuka […]

February 15


Yes, it’s the all-Japanese production of Fiddler On The Roof! I’d like to meet the yenta who put this one together! It seriously challenges the productions of Mozart-san and AKB48 idols starring in Peter Pan for the Local Interpretation Award. • Read a novel set in Tokyo…

September 08

Sit Down Stand Up

One day last fall, as I was walking through Yoyogi Park on my way to fall off the slackline, I saw this guy standing by a tree in a vaguely medieval-looking costume. In America I’d have hustled by, careful to make ZERO eye contact, sure he was either a member of a rabidly proselytizing religious cult […]

November 28

Boy Band, K-Style

Walking through the gigantic Sunshine City shopping mall in Ikebukuro, I thought I heard the perfectly-engineered chorusing of a Japanese boy band performing. I was wrong. When I craned my neck over the swooning fangirls crushed against the balcony railing, it was clearly a Korean boy band whipping the crowd into a frenzy. Korean singers […]

October 14


Yep, it’s the profusely be-wigged, all-Japanese production of Amadeus. • Jonelle Patrick is the author of  four novels set in Tokyo…