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July 26

Beer Slurpee

This summer in Tokyo the trending drink of choice is Frozen Draft Beer! The beer itself is chilled extra cold, then a head of beer slush is swirled on top from a repurposed Icee machine. On a steamy summer night, I have to admit, this fad did not disappoint! I pounded this one down at […]

November 12

Pancakes: Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

Unless you live in Japan, you may not have experienced a Croque Monsieur made with…pancakes. Yes, here in Tokyo, pancakes are regularly repurposed as sandwich fixings and dessert. At the Pancake Days restaurant in Harajuku, the menu offerings include the Salad Pancake With Herb Chicken and Original Caesar Dressing,  and the Shrimp-Avocado Sandwich Pancake with […]

October 10

The Vinegar Cafe

Vinegar is not my favorite thing. Not even close. So I was kind of lukewarm on the idea of going to a café where the house specialty was drinks based on fruit vinegar. How could I have been so wrong? The drinks were so delicious, I’ve been back to Marusan several times since, just to […]