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June 15

A Whole New Kind Of Fast Food

If you’ve got a need for speed when lunchtime rolls around, what could be faster than a couple of bullet train rice balls? And just so you don’t have to be up at 5:00 a.m. with your tweezers and nail scissors, this little bento-making set comes complete with a mold for the sticky rice and […]

April 11

Lunchboxing Power Tools

Are the kids at school making fun of your progeny because the Pikachu rice ball you tried to make looked more like Godzilla? Did the teacher send home a note about not making lunch characters that scare the other children, when all you were tying to do was make that hot dog look like a […]

January 07

More Japanese Lunchbox Madness

Now that I’m about to reveal to you the secrets of making this twin tiger Japanese bento lunch, there’s no excuse for you not to pull an all-nighter to whip one of these up for your little darlings! 1: Trace the tiger face patterns in the back of the magazine onto baking grade tissue paper […]

August 01

Do-It-Yourself Piggy Lunchbox

If you want your kid to be cuteness champion of the cafeteria tomorrow, sharpen up your tweezers and nail scissors and craft one of these babies! From the pages of Character & Deco Lunchbox magazine, instructions for making your very own Piggy Bentō in only ten incredible painstaking steps! This little piggy seems to be […]

July 02

Make Your Own Pikachu Lunchbox!

Want your kid to blow away the cafeteria crowd when they open up their Pokemon lunchbox tomorrow? Fill it with this outrageous labor of love! Your child might even be distracted enough to eat that big hunk of squash, fake crab legs and seaweed it’s made from. In twelve elaborate steps (from the pages of […]

May 25

Weapons For The Lunchbox Arms Race

Aieeee! Is the mom who made this Anpan Man lunch a graduate of the Harvard School Of Lunchmaking? No, but she knows that in the bentō box cuteness wars, you have to stay on top of the latest technology! Today at the Shibuya Loft store I discovered a few of the secret weapons Japanese moms use to turn […]

April 27

Anime Lunchboxing

There’s even a makkuro kurosuke seaweed-covered rice ball (staring up with little nori eyes off to the right),  from “Totoro!” Ordinary Japanese moms were undoubtedly up before dawn with their nail scissors and tweezers, crafting these astonishing Miyazaki tribute bento boxes! And check out what they’re incidentally sneaking into their kids’ stomachs: seaweed, green beans, pickled radish […]