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September 21

Art Aquarium

  Part laser light show, part aquatic extravaganza, Art Aquarium is the newest take on the old idea of keeping cool during the steamy Japanese summertime by contemplating goldfish bowls. Over 3 million people have visited this summer-long exhibition since it started in 2008, and now I see why: giant artfully-designed aquariums use inset lenses, unusual […]

July 10

The Dog Blessing Shrine

  Japan isn’t short on shrines that cure warts, protect your electronics from the forces of eviltude, and jumpstart your career as a manga artist, but this is the first one I’ve heard of that has a ceremony for blessing your dog! Shrines and temples do a booming business banishing bad luck from people mired in their periodic three-year-long yakudoshi (“bad luck years”), but […]

June 18

Shaved Cats

Okay, I know it’s summertime, and in Japan that means we all wish we could go around without fur, but how weird is it that there are whole sections in Japanese cat magazines devoted to fashionable fur-cuts? • Read a novel set in Tokyo…  

April 28

Cat & Bunny & Bear Thigh Highs!

I’m sorry, but you’ll have to get in line behind meeeee! • Read a novel set in Tokyo    

April 24

A Rabbit A Day At The Bunny Cafe

Hello there, bunnies! Wow, you are cute and friendly. Please don’t poop on me. Fortunately, lap diapers are dispensed at the door, so you can enjoy the lovely bunnies without any dry cleaning anxiety. At the Ohisama rabbit café, a 30-minute lapful of long-eared fluffiness will set you back about ten bucks, including the coffee/tea of your choice (served in […]

December 04

Shibas, Shibas, Everywhere!

What better way to carry home a sack of edibles than in this Shibafest of a grocery bag? The National Azabu “foreign” supermarket in Hiroo was renovated to be a sad shade of its former self, but this foodstuff-toter they offered right after the re-opening nearly made up for the loss. • Read a novel […]

May 08

Real Live Tanuki Sighting!

Ahahaha, I bet you thought tanukis were the stuff of Japanese legends – crafty tricksters with notoriously large cojones who play pranks on gullible humans – but it turns out tanuki are alive and well and living on some of the choicest real estate in Tokyo! I saw this little guy at the Meiji Shrine’s […]