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First in an all-new series of mysteries that could happen only in Tokyo…

A young woman is found dead in an abandoned car, with strangers old enough to be her parents. Their suicide note apologizes for a disaster that hasn’t yet happened. And someone is stalking the websites where lost souls go to make a date with death.

The more part-time English translator Yumi Hata learns about how her friend Rika died, the more she’s convinced it was murder, and she plans to camp on Tokyo Detective Kenji Nakamura’s doorstep until he agrees to help her hunt down the truth.

The evidence leads them deep into a maze of secret identities and underground clubs, where membership may have been the victims’ last mistake. Surrounded by lies and deadly illusions, the only thing that’s certain is that more will die unless they catch the killer who is targeting Tokyo’s most desperate misfits.

Sneak peek – read the first few chapters of Nightshade.


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Average Amazon reader review: 4.7 stars


“I really love these books set in Tokyo…Perfect for a weekend of doing nothing but reading.” –

“…It’s a great story well-told and expertly written, the kind of book where you are so immersed that you forget that the characters aren’t real people that you actually know. …My only complaint about the book is that it ended” –Amazon

NEW! Take a look at the Reading Group Hot Topics for Nightshade. Have a memorable discussion sparked by the thought-provoking questions and downloadable videos of the exotic people and places in the book.

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14 thoughts on “Nightshade Leave a comment

    • How did I miss the notification that you posted this super nice comment here?! Today I got a message from a writer friend who said that getting a book published feels a lot like throwing a leaf into the Grand Canyon. I was thinking whoa, dude, you are so right…until I came here and read that you were enjoying it! Hope Nightshade continues not to disappoint, and a gazillion thanks for making my day! ^^

  1. Finished it! Love, love, loved it! I liked the preview of the next book and can’t wait! Will Yumi’s story continue into the next book or is it a secret that I have to wait for?

    • Thank you so much! (^O^☆♪ Nothing makes me happier than to hear that you liked it! And yes, Yumi and Kenji continue on in the series – Fallen Angel in March, followed by Idol next August (yikes! better get back to work!)

      And if you’re feeling creative, I would thank you forever if you wrote a line or two of reader review (of copied and pasted what you wrote above!) wherever you downloaded it from. Penguin is still figuring out the best way to tell people about ebooks, so mostly the way people hear about Nightshade is by reading reviews if they accidentally land on the page looking for something more famous. heh.

  2. Just returned from my first trip to Japan, was disappointed to miss the cosplay kids at Harajuku (but did get to see yet another temple nearby). Read som graduate student’s paper about them (lame.) But I love mystery stories and am on my way to Amazon to get the Kindle edition.

    Incidentally, found you lovely blog searching for Japanese umbrella – I want one of those with the aluminum UV-protection coating.

    • Wow, thank you for reading and enjoying and for appreciating the same things about Japan that I love! And dang, those UV umbrellas were everywhere during the summer, but maybe you arrived after it was officially declared to be “autumn” by the merchandise gods, thus missing an opportunity to choose from thousands of styles. Dang, I guess you’ll just have to come back, huh? ^^;;

  3. I just finished Nightshade, loved it!
    I promised myself I would pace the book so I didn’t read it too quickly as I’m always a bit down when I finish a book I’ve enjoyed.
    However… did ok till about half way then just couldn’t put it down..
    Still undecided if I want to hug or slap Yumi… 🙂
    On to the next one now…

    • I’m SO happy you enjoyed it, despite wanting to slap Yumi at the end! (><) You are far from alone – I heard from lots of readers that they wanted to do the same thing, and I had to anxiously run around urging them not to give up on her! ^^;; (And I'm the same way about books I love – want to read slowly, but end up devouring them. Which is why I'm happy when I see the next book from a favorite author is a big fat one!)

  4. I just started Nightshade (paperback), loving it. Just curious about the publisher, I looked at the end of the book. To my great disappointment, I see that the book is not complete. To finish reading, it need to pay to download an ebook. Ebook? I paid for the book already. I’m sad.

    • Hi Larry! Eek, I nearly had a heart attack when I read your question – had to go check my copy just to be sure that what you were looking at was the teaser excerpt for Fallen Angel (which is the next book in the series). If you look at the top of that last page with the “read more” on it, I think it’ll say Fallen Angel. What my publisher did was add the beginning of the next book after the end of Nightshade, hoping that you’d get hooked and want to keep reading.

      But I would be SO outraged if I bought a book and they didn’t send me the whole thing – I’m so glad you told me, so you don’t have to stay mad! And in the process, you made me smile by telling me that you were enjoying Nightshade. Hope it continues to keep you up past your bedtime! ^_^;;

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