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Idolmaker Slideshow

Here’s how fun and easy it would be to lead your book club in a discussion about Idolmaker!

• Choose some questions from the Book Club Hot Topics discussion questions.

• Become an instant expert on exotic subjects by reading a few blog posts:

Boy In Pink Hair And Eyeliner

Dancing With The Fangirls

Japan Earthquake, Two Years Later: Before and After

Yoyogi Park: The Best Free Entertainment In Tokyo

All About Rakugo: Sit Down, Stand Up

Slackline in Yoyogi Park

Oedo Onsen: The Hot Spring Theme Park

• Bring along this slide show (images fill the screen and you click to advance the slides) or use the Idolmaker automatic slideshow (images are smaller and cycle through by themselves).

• Read the first few chapters of Idolmaker to see if your group might like the book.

Buy Idolmaker from these online booksellers $4.99 (£2.66 in the UK, €2.77 in Europe, ¥378 in Japan)

To show these images as a presentation-size slideshow:

• Click on the first image. It will fill the window, with the caption at the bottom.

• Advance the slides manually by clicking on the arrow that appears at the right of the picture when your cursor touches it.

• To exit, click on the X in the upper left corner.

Don’t have a Kindle? Fear not! You can read ebooks just as easily on devices you already use every day! Here are easy directions and links to free apps to get you up and reading in less than five minutes: How To Read eBooks Without A Kindle

Other books in the series:


Book #1 Nightshade


Book #2 Fallen Angel

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