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• What would you trade for your heart’s desire? Would you move to a different place? Would you leave your family? Would you hand over decisions about your future to someone who had the power to give you what you want? Was there ever anything you wanted so badly you’d have made a deal like the one Flame makes in Idolmaker?

• If you were Yumi at the beginning of the book, would you break your engagement to Ichiro before you had proof he was doing anything wrong, even if it meant your father would lose his job and your parents would lose the money they’d already paid for the wedding?

• In Idolmaker, Yumi’s decision to marry Ichiro helps her father’s career, and head Priest Yano gave up the work he loved in order to come back and take over the family shrine. Which of your own life choices have been influenced by needs other than your own (eg. your parents, your partner, your children, your friends)? If you could turn back time, would you still make the same decision?

Sneak peek – read the first few chapters of Idolmaker

Spark lively discussion with downloadable videos of the exotic people and places in the book.


from Amazon US or from these online booksellers

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