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Fallen Angel


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Looking for love has never been more deadly.

The #1 hostboy at Club Nova makes a handsome living, whispering sweet nothings in the ears of women who pay him a fortune for the privilege. But the party’s over when Tokyo Detective Kenji Nakamura is assigned to investigate the death of one of Hoshi’s customers, a young woman found dead after spending an evening with him.

While tracking down witnesses in Tokyo’s red light district, Kenji crosses paths with his childhood friend Yumi Hata, who is trying to rescue her best friend from a host club entanglement. Yumi agrees to slip behind closed doors – where no men are allowed – to help Kenji catch the predator who’s picking off Tokyo’s loneliest women, one by one.

As they follow the killer’s trail deep into a world where everyone has their price, they soon discover that everyone also has secrets they might kill to protect.

Kenji and Yumi’s chase leads them from love hotels to a hidden museum where family secrets unfold like puzzles, as they race to snare the killer before it’s too late…

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Average Amazon reader review: 4.4 stars


“What Tony Hillerman does for Navajo culture and Donna Leon for Italy, Jonelle Patrick does for contemporary Tokyo.” – Amazon

“If you are looking for an enjoyable read, a clever little puzzle and an exotic location, you will find much to entertain and inform you in Fallen Angel.” –

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  1. Just finish this today. You have done it again! An amazing book that I couldn’t put down! I really liked Hoshi and his story, and of course Yumi and Kenji! Is the next one the last or will there be more?

    • There will be more! I’ll start writing the next one as soon as the third one is finished being edited. Thank you so much for telling me you liked Fallen Angel – wonderful readers like you are what get me through the occasional days when the writing muse doesn’t show up for work!

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