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February 27

Lights! Camera! Wedding!

The fairy tale chapel in this subway ad has nothing to do with religion – it’s actually a new wedding hall outside of Yokohama! Traditionally, Japanese couples got married in a shrine with only immediate family in attendance, then threw a reception party afterwards at a restaurant or nice hotel. But recently, wedding halls and […]

January 22

Kibble Of The Living Dead

Yep, those are definitely fish corpses washed up on that island of dry cat food, but that doesn’t seem to be bothering Mr. Bigglesworth, in all his fluffy glory. Encountering little fish mummies in my food would definitely make me think twice before chowing down, but if I were a cat, perhaps being stared at […]

July 24

Vertical Gardens

Instead of greenery being planted around buildings, lately I’ve been noticing how much greenery is planted ON buildings! For the price of an apartment in Tokyo ($16,772.54 per square meter), you could own digs in San Francisco AND New York City ( ($6,414.85/sq m + $10,046.32/sq m), so it’s no surprise that traditional gardens are a luxury […]

June 22

Tokyo Street Art

In the land where comic book artists are king, it’s no surprise that the quality of the graffiti is super high. I’ve found spectacular street art everywhere in the world, but Tokyo beats all for its sheer variety of styles. Here are a few of my favorites. • Read a novel set in Tokyo…

June 10

Running Blind

Today in Yoyogi Park I saw a big group of runners warming up near the place where I regularly fall off the slackline. That’s not unusual – packs of them regularly lope through Tokyo, getting their exercise on. What was different about this group is that half of them couldn’t see, and some couldn’t hear. […]

June 03

The Lucky Vending Machine

If you feed a thousand yen note into the maw of this vending machine, you don’t know if you’re going to get an awesome digital camera, a Swiss Army Knife, or a spanking new copy of that first person shooter that totally flopped last year and only works on a game system you don’t own. […]

May 26

Get Yer Demon On

Until now, becoming a fearsome superhero like the Hulk, Spiderman or Godzilla involved nasty and inconvenient exposure to radiation, but now apparently all you have to do is light up one of these cigs to be transformed into your secret inner demon! And you’ll be able to smoke anywhere you damn well please, since those […]