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September 01

Glow-in-the-Dark Sushi?

Aieee, I went to eat sushi last night and I have to admit, I was peering at the tuna anxiously for signs it might glow on the dark if they turned out the lights. After reading that tuna being caught off the coast of California were all tainted with radioactive Cesium from the Fukushima Dai-ichi […]

August 26

Gonna Wash That Woman Right Out Of My Hair…

An all-Japanese, all-female, stage production of South Pacific? A play in which not only are most of the main characters undeniably male, they’re also employed in fighting against, uh, THE JAPANESE…?! This latest theatre poster promises a show more boggling than the all-Japanese production of Amadeus, the all-Japanese version of Fiddler On The Roof, and all-female stage rendition […]

August 14

The Puzzle Building

I always wonder…what kind of company has it’s headquarters in this Shinjuku skyscraper? If you’d like to visit Shinjuku the next time you’re in Tokyo, pix & info are on my website, The Tokyo Guide I Wish I’d Had. • Read a novel set in Tokyo… •  

June 24

Monkey Business

I was walking around the Decks shopping complex in Odaiba, and suddenly, MONKEY SHOW. Seriously. Right in the middle of the mall. A monkey show. Of course, trained monkeys have been entertaining people for a long time in Japan – the tradition dates back to before the samurai era – but usually you have to […]

May 11

Lurking Foreign Mannequins

What’s that suspicious foreign mannequin doing, slouching around behind the trashcans in this Kappabashi store? You can tell by his mustache he’s up to no good. And what about the scarily cheerful auntie behind the counter at the kitchenware store? Escaped from the loonie bin halfway house, no doubt. If you’d like to visit Kappabashi […]

April 30

I Thought I’d Seen Tricked-Out Cars, But…!

I’d whipped out my camera to capture some arty-farty reflections of the Shibuya neon on cabs stuck at a traffic light, and when I looked at the display YOWZERS there was this CAR! And because traffic getting through Shibuya was wicked slow even at midnight, Lady Luck smiled upon me and gave me a half […]

April 19

Dinosaur Head, Half Price!

Surely I must know someone who would love to receive a life-sized dinosaur head! On sale for only ¥18,900, it’s so hard to pass up! I mean, who wouldn’t want a tyrannosaur hanging over their fireplace? This shop on Kappabashi street in Tokyo’s restaurant supply district specializes in custom-made props. In addition to Rex the […]