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September 29

Taking Blingmobile To A Whole New Level

Tooling around in a boring old red Ferrari would be like driving an old Hyundai compared to pulling up to the curb in this Swarovski-paved Mercedes! Feast your eyes on the marvel of sparkle-mania that is the D.A.D. Store poster car. The rhinestone-encrusted D.A.D. accessories look positively tasteful in comparison. Naturally, if you’re swanning around […]

August 15

How Did You Ever Survive Without A Luxury Potato Holder?

How are you going to stash those fries so they don’t get grease all over the fake fur seat covers in your rolling blingmobile? Shibuya 109 DAD store to the rescue! Tart up your car with a single french fry caddy, or go whole hog with the DAD Front Table, to take all your vices […]

August 02

How About A Hot Night Out At The Club Gosick?

In most countries, you might end up worshipping at the porcelain shrine of the Club Gosick at the end of an unfortunate night of clubbing, but in Japan – the land where “thin” is pronounced “sin” – you’d be in for an evening of luxurious Lestat-style hostboy attention instead! Curious about what a night of […]

June 16

Princess For A Day At The Foreign Butler Café!

If your life’s ambition is to be waited on hand and foot by a handsome foreign man in tie and tails, get thee to the Butlers Cafe on the double! Not only will you be presented with a tiara to wear for the occasion, ringing the antique bell will bring the servant of your dreams […]

May 31

Bling Your Car!

What good is it to suit up and style out in the perfect hostly accessories if you have to pull up to the curb in a car that’s woefully lacking in bling? Well, now you can create your own little host club on wheels at the DAD store in Men’s 109, your one-stop shop for […]

May 12

A Day In The Life: What’s It Like To Be A Host?

Join veteran host Sakura-san as he teaches his new recruit “Yua-kun” the ropes! First, a run-down of a typical day in Yua’s life: 11:00 a.m.: Wake up* Noon: Go to the hair salon to get his tresses waxed, teased, arranged and sprayed. 1:00 p.m.: Go home and relax until it’s time to go to work […]

April 09

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Host Fashion

One of the first things you notice about hosts is that they don’t dress like Western guys who are out on the prowl. Hosts aim to deliver the Japanese version of a customer’s secret fantasy, and being swept away by a handsome prince or Wild One on his motorcycle is what makes many Japanese ladies’ hearts […]