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December 05

The Newest Ways To Get A Small Face

Who knew that aluminum could be the key to that holy grail of pulchritude, the small face? Apparently, it has become the flavor of the month when it comes to head shrinking in Japan. Strap on one of these “aluminum head spa” products to minimize your watermelon of a noggin whilst you shower! And in case […]

November 01

Japanese Date Prep Bible…For Men

In Japan, guys can’t just strap on their pelt of chest hair and drag a woman back to their cave. From the pages of Men’s Knuckle magazine: how to get ready for a date in eleven painstaking steps, as recommended by their hostly expert! 1: Take a shower (okay, DUH.) 2: Shave your legs. Yeah, […]

October 26

‘Scuse Me, But I Gotta Get My Nails Printed

Yep, now you can have your favorite pattern, saying, kanji characters for “world peace” or boyfriend’s face on your digits with this handy dandy Auto Nail nail printer! Just lay down a coat of polish, pick your design, and zip zip, you’re all inkjetted up! • Read a novel set in Tokyo  

October 22

Glamorous Gum

Hey, check this out – all I have to do to automatically look more glamorous is to chew a piece of this Glamatic gum! Gum chewing does not make anyone look more glamorous. Trust me on this. Well this one does. See, it says “Plus Beauty” right here. And why would they put a picture […]

October 12

Doll Eyes

I’ve always wondered, how do ordinary 100% Japanese women get that round-eyed babydoll look? Fortunately, Ageha magazine hired a pro makeup artist to spill all the secrets! Here’s where she started: Okay, here’s the step by step transformation! 1: The key point is to glue on the fake bottom lashes BELOW your actual eyelid! See […]

October 02


No matter how unlucky you were when they were handing out the bodacious ta-tas, in less than five minutes – without any miracle creams, thighmasters-for-the-boobs, or push-up bras – you too can sport some righteous cleavage! All you need is the handy makeup instructions in Gal Mori magazine and a few carefully chosen shades of […]

September 21

Bride Of Scissorhands

What’s a girl to do when her fiancé has nails that will certainly siphon off all kinds of attention that should rightly belong to the bride on her big day? Extreme nail design to the rescue! With rocks so big, they’ll require extra biceps work just to hold the bouquet, Bridezilla won’t have to fight […]