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March 19

Scary Eyes Made Easy

If you don’t think it’s quite out there enough to have eyes that make you look like a living doll, say hello to this line of definitely unnatural contacts! How about a nice alien look, with Solid White? Or perhaps a touch of psychopath, with Spiral or Manson Red? I saw these for sale at […]

March 03

DragonballZ: The Hair Wax

You know you’ve been waiting for it: now there’s a product that claims to give you amazing anime-tastic hair exactly like the characters in DragonballZ. And as long as anime celebrities are endorsing hair products… Calvin & Hobbes is of course drawn by Bill Waterson, and Tintin is the creation of Hergé. • Read a novel […]

January 30

For Charcoal-Fresh Breath…

…get thee to the closest Tokyu Hands and get your paws on some Natamame toothpaste! It claims to smite your bad breath in four different flavors: Rose, Aloe (does aloe have a flavor?), Persimmon and Bamboo Charcoal. Yes, the black kind. Even stranger, guess what this toothpaste is made from? Sword beans! Believe it or […]

January 29

Nose Training

I don’t know which is weirder, the idea that you’d want your nose to be bigger, or that you think you can “train” it into pulchritude by using one of these pink plastic torture devices! Longing for a tall nose is nearly as common as the fervent wish for a small face among Japanese women, […]

January 22

Hair Chalk

Suddenly the stores are full of this stuff! Hair chalk isn’t as bright as bleaching the snickers out of your tresses and then dyeing, but it’s perfect for the clubhussy who wants to go rainbow for the weekend, but still show up for school/work Monday morning in regulation black. All you have to do is […]

January 06

Most Confusing Nail Deco Package Award

Um, you’re supposed to glue these multi-culti “nail caviar” Prom BonBons where exactly? Saw these at Don Kihote store in Shibuya. If you’d like to be amazed by the weird goods there the next time you’re in Tokyo, a map to all Don Qi locations in Tokyo is on my other website, The Tokyo Guide I […]

December 17

Make Your Own Scary Facial Mask!

Yikes, what is that creepy green Play Doh on that model’s face? Apparently, it’s FRUIT. If you’re all out of cobra venom, snail slime, or bee larvae facial treatments, the FuFuFu Facial Pack Maker helps you craft your own from the leftover produce in your fridge! Saw these at Don Kihote store in Shinjuku. If […]