Actually, I’m really terrible at slackline. I fell off the next second.

Hi, I’m Jonelle Patrick – I live in Tokyo & San Francisco and write novels set in Japan. When I’m not writing about murder at the local shrine, I mostly ferret around Tokyo looking for new stuff for my blog, The Tokyo Guide I Wish I’d Had.

I’m also a member of the International Thriller Writers, the Mystery Writers of America, Sisters In Crime, and a Japanese women’s club called Nadeshiko-kai. I graduated from Stanford University and the Sendagaya Japanese Institute in Tokyo.

At the moment I’m spending less time doing all that stuff, though, because I’m beavering away on the fifth book in the Only In Tokyo mystery series. (Hey, if you’re a mystery lover, you should try them!)


First in an all-new series of mysteries that could happen only in Tokyo…

Tokyo Detective Kenji Nakamura thinks the bodies discovered by a priest at the local shrine look like a group suicide…until he sees the victim sprawled in the back of the late-model Lexus. Why would a young woman dressed like a doll kill herself with a man and woman old enough to be her parents?…Read more


The dangers of wealth and beauty emerge from the shadows in the latest Only in Tokyo Mystery…

Like a modern geisha, Hoshi makes a handsome living as the #1 hostboy at Club Nova, pouring champagne and whispering sweet nothings in the ears of women who pay him a fortune for the pleasure of his company. But the party’s over when Tokyo Detective Kenji Nakamura begins looking into the death of one of Hoshi’s customers, a young woman found dead after spending an evening with him…Read more


In the wake of a deadly disaster, a killer seizes the chance to commit the perfect crime…

An earthquake strikes Tokyo, and when the dust settles at the Tabata Shrine, it’s discovered that the reason the head priest was late to a wedding is because he’s dead. Detective Kenji Nakamura is assigned to investigate, and it soon becomes clear that the priest’s death was no act of God…Read more


Tokyo Detective Kenji Nakamura’s mother died ten years ago, but when his phone rings with the news that her death wasn’t an accident, his world begins to unravel.

New evidence links her to a young woman, whose body was found dolled up like a movie star and tossed in the gutter like an abandoned plaything…Read more