The Last Art Aquarium

Art Aquarium, I’m going to miss you! <sob!>

Yes, this is the last year they’re going to produce this eye-popping cross between goldfish and SFX, and they’re making up for the last few lackluster seasons by putting on the equivalent of a fireworks grand finale!

Even though they’re once again recycling the fish-filled art pieces from the past few years…

…they’re freshened everything up with new colors and arrangements…

…so it feels way more festive

And they added one installation that put a crink in my neck, because I stared up at it for so long: Goldfish Ceiling!

Each panel of this coffered ceiling showcased a different exotic breed of fish…

…and the mirrored design multiplied each fish, so it looked like there were schools of them languidly waving their fins overhead

Other unusual varieties are displayed like fine jewels in refreshed settings…

…and a few pieces I hadn’t seen before added sparkle…

…and entertaining fun-house illusions

Old favorites are lit in theatrical new ways…

…with different fish inside than before

As always, it’s hard to decide which ever-changing color combo is my favorite…

…but if you go, you won’t have to choose, because you can just stand there as long as you like, mesmerized by the glow

The final installation is a live goldfish “kimono”

And for those who only post weird art to their Instas, they’ve got your six with this neon goldfish bathtub WAT

Dates: August 6 – September 23 (2019)

Hours: 11:00 – 22:30

Admission: Adults: ¥1000, Children: ¥600*


You can buy tickets online or get them at the door – sometimes there’s a line (especially in the last few days before it closes) but usually you can just buy a ticket at the reception desk and walk right in.

* There are a few nights when admission is higher because of the entertainment. Check the “Night Aquarium” special events calendar for details

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