Is This Mameshiba Cake Too Cute To Eat?

I was in the Matsuya Ginza food hall stocking up on peanut snacks, when I saw this. I tried to walk past it. I tried. To be honest, I was sort of worried that a baumkuchen cake in the shape of a tiny shiba inu might be too cute to eat.

But my curiousity got the better of me. How could a baumkuchen – which is made by drizzling cake batter on a rotating spit, so it ends up being layers upon layers of alternating crust and cake – be made to resemble a shiba in any way?

Ah. A cutout.

Hmm. At first, I was kind of disappointed that it was just a shiba picture printed on top of the frosting (cute, but kind of pale, compared to the box). And what if I bungle it while dismantling the cutout?

Fortunately, it was utterly plug ‘n play., and it was actually pretty adorable. But once I’d cleared away the extra cake, it was sort of laughably tiny. Which was good, I guess, because I didn’t have to decide whether to bite off the head first or start with the  legs.

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