Nemesis, Thy Name Is Squid Guts

I was in Kamakura today, happily waiting for the arrival of my sesame soba and a mountain of crispy burdock root…


…when they delivered my beer along with the usual unwanted  (yet always-delivered) “beer snack.” Just my luck, it was my most un-favorite appetizer. Squid guts.

I shouldn’t have been surprised – in the pantheon of Japanese beer snacks, fish innards are distressingly popular WHY

All right. Ugh. Don’t be That Foreigner. Get it over with.

Lesson One: Never chew.

Lesson Two: Always travel with your own private state-of-the-art toothpick.

Because much to my horror, in the process of dispatching the wiggly things as quickly as possible, an unholy fishy filament got stuck between my back teeth. I grabbed one of the wooden toothpicks from the table dispenser to fight back, but that turned out to be about as effective as trying to pluck my eyebrows with a set of pliers. I finally managed to get rid of the nagging little bastard hours later, when I got back to Tokyo and rustled up the proper tool:

My kingdom for a multi-toothed flosser!

Which is how I’m able to bring you a little-known fact that I hope you never have to learn for yourself: even the tiniest shred of squid guts stuck in your teeth gives you cephalopod breath ALL DAY LONG.

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