The Wagging Cat Tail Pillow

Aww, a pillow that looks like a cat, just sitting there all furry and begging to be petted.

What the…! Yes, the entire purpose of this robot pillow is to switch its kitteh-like tail back and forth when you pet it. For, uh, $120.

Comes in Husky Gray or French Brown. (French Brown? I think that’s only a real color in the parallel universe where I’d pay $120 for a fake fur pillow)

To be fair, it can twitch in three different ways, depending on where you pet it and how fast, but for $120, I want an ironclad guarantee that if it’s sitting on my keyboard, it’s a legitimate excuse not to get any work done.

If you or a loved one is in urgent need of an animatronic cushion, I spotted this one at the Shinjuku Tokyu Hands.

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