Funeral For A…What?

So, I was walking through the stately Ikegami Hongan-ji temple grounds this spring, and I saw this sign. I guess with the shrinking population and all, the number of regular funerals is going down, so they’re branching out into…pet funerals. Yes, for about $350, you can have a real priest chant real sutras over your beloved dog or cat or…wait a minute!

Okay, I can see how a rabbit might wriggle its way into your affections enough to deserve spending a couple hundred smackers on sending it into the next life. And maybe even the guinea pig, although that one is kind of a stretch. But…a parakeet? A fish? A GIANT BEETLE?

And that’s for the group rate (your beloved Fifi’s ashes interred in a sort of mass grave). If you want a dedicated funeral and burial niche for Miss Fluffington of Bigglesworth, it’ll set you back nearly a thou.

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