Shiba Dango!

Photo & dango by @england618

Okay, usually biting a dog butt would not be top of my to-do list, but I’d totally make an exception for these so-cute-it-hurts shiba dango! Compared to other takes on this classic heaven-on-a-stick festival snack, these are way more adorbs than mitarashi donuts and run gooey rice ball rings around the inexplicable mitarashi sundae topped with seaweed.

The only sad thing about these is that even though I rampaged through layers upon layers of Japanese sites, looking for where to buy some of them for myself, I had to finally accept that they are one-offs made by @england618 (who has also crafted other painfully adorable rice balls on a stick – check out that Twitter feed!)

Thanks to marionchan’s blog and for the heads-up on these beauties!

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