If I Were A Thousand Years Old, I Would Not Be Putting Out Like This

This tree is so famous, it has a name: Miharu The Waterfall Cherry

I mean, look at it. This tree is a THOUSAND years old. It has cranked out cascades of blossoms like this every spring, a thousand times. And if yesterday was any indication, the grand old lady is showing no signs of shirking anytime soon.

Even when it freakin’ snows in the middle of cherry blossom season, Miharu keeps on keepin’ on (photo thanks: Japan-guide.com)

Just imagine a fast forward of this tree’s life, with generations of cherry blossom viewers ebbing and flowing all around it, as it grows slowly more venerable.

The Crusaders were not big on viewing cherry blossoms, but history would have treated them a lot more kindly if they’d marched over to enjoy the pinkness of Our Lady Miharu instead of chasing that pesky grail

If Ghengis Khan’s plan to add Japan to his empire hadn’t been thwarted by a freak storm, he and his horde could have hoisted a cold one under Miharu’s blooms

Dame Miharu had already starred in over 400 cherry blossom seasons when Gutenberg got around to inventing the printing press

Well, you get the idea. Not only has this tree has been partying it up since my peasant-y forebears were being pillaged by the Vikings, it will undoubtedly keep on dishing out the goodness long after I’m gone.

In a world where so much is changing so fast, that’s kind of great, isn’t it?

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