Please Tell Me This Isn’t Really A Thing

GLAMPING. Camping + Glamour = Glamping?

No. In fact, all flavors of charcoal-toasted NO. On a stick.

Those two words don’t belong together EVER. Except, maybe, in Japan. Where you can purchase rugged tents like these:

Hope there won’t be any glamorous rainstorms or puffs of wind to muss your hair where you’re going

And toast yourself some classic campfire treats with this:

Generator not included.

And you can even bring Fifi.

Rescue Lassie not included.

Update: OMG, what should I see this morning but an actual news item about glamping! Apparently, there’s a glampground right near Tokyo (actually, out near Narita airport) called The Farm Camp Villa, where you can pay ¥32,400-¥42,800 per couple (roughly $324-428 USD) to sleep in one of their tents for a night. In addition, they sell a “variety of farm-to-table meats and vegetables” and have BBQs available, so you can, yes, cook your own glampfood. Here’s a photo of the glampericious experience:

Photo courtesy of JapanToday

(Sadly, I could find no trace of a website on the net yet, either in either English or Japanese, so stay tuned…)

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