Rose Foam Beauty Whip!

I scoured the drugstores at obscure Tokyo subway stops so you don’t have to. This face wash disappears off the shelves as fast as it’s put out, because who WOULDN’T want to wash their face ten times a day when the foam comes out shaped like a rose? (Hey, I know you made extra-long blue poops with your Play Doh Fun Factory too ADMIT IT)


This is what Evita Beauty Whip Soap looks like on the shelf, if you’re lucky enough to find some. It’s sold in the Kanebo section of ordinary shopping street drugstores, not in fancy depaato. It also smells like a rose (some might say it rather AGGRESSIVELY smells like a rose), just to warn you

Jonelle Patrick writes mysteries set in Tokyo. Her fourth book – Painted Doll – is just out in paperback 

“A genuinely gripping crime thriller which wrong-foots and perplexes the reader throughout, drawing us in emotionally . . . Highly recommended.” Raven Crime Reads*

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