Manly Chocolate


There aren’t many things that Japan gets tragically wrong, but Valentine’s Day is one of them. Not only does the chocolate-giving flow only one way, it flows from the gender that DOES like chocolate to the one that (supposedly) DOESN’T, thus posing an even more vexing conundrum for the women cornered into buying Obligation Chocolate for the men in their lives.

But this year, FINALLY, relief! Behold the sweets that those of the XY chromosome persuasion can enjoy in plain sight without having their manliness questioned:

Gimme a sixpack of extra-dark Troublemaker

Nobody would fault you for pounding down a sixpack of Troublemaker

Sushi choco

Or wolfing down a platter of Sushi Choco

"Fun & delicious" medical supplies

And who could pass up a Special Time with FUN & DELICIOUS medical supplies?

Slightly TOO realistic fish choco

And for the truly anxious, these slightly TOO realistic fish chocolates, that even come packaged in supermarket wrapping.

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