Weirdest Maid Café Ever

EarCleaningCafe As if it wasn’t strange enough that there are a lot of maid cafés that offer the service of extracting their customers’ grotty earwax while calling them “Master Of The House,” now there’s a café where ear maidens dressed in shiny mini-kimonos will perform that service with the customers’ heads in their laps! Behold this billboard advertising “Knee Pillow Ear Cleaning” in (where else?) the heart of Akihabara. And for only ¥3200! (That’s $26.04 US, at today’s exchange rate.) If I had to do this, I would totally be charging ¥32,000,000 for 30 minutes, in the hope that my customers would stick to making me play endless games of rock-paper-scissors!

If you’d love a good mystery and would like to take a peek inside the world of maid cafés, try the first few chapters of Nightshade hereJonelle Patrick is the author of the Only In Tokyo mystery series, now out for the first time in paperback.

More Nightshade book goodness here, in case you think you might want to, you know, read it or something

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