Do I Smell Like A Grapefruit Yet?


Seriously! According to the package, this “Body Fragrance” confection “aromatizes body with a sweet fragrance.” I imagined it to be kind of like eating raw garlic – except your skin is supposed to exude the attractive aroma of grapefruit instead of making everyone in the train hastily change seats – but I’ve been popping these candies like, well, candy, and I can’t tell if it’s working or not. Can one of you pop over here and take a delicate whiff, please?

I ask myself, am I feeling "brisk" yet?

Hmm, if it fails to make me smell like a large citrus fruit, I hope it’ll at least make me brisk.

If grapefruit gives you hives, how about emanating grape, berry or rose instead?

I’d rather smell like a grapefruit, but if it fails to deliver, I’ll have to try for grape, berry or rose.

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