Monsoon Season, Lock ‘n Load


It’s tsuyu season in Japan right now, which pretty much means all rain, all the time. (Not to be confused with typhoon season, which is all rain, RIGHT NOW.) Both seasons require industrial strength anti-wetness gear, and what could be more dedicated to staying dry through relentless rain (and the diabolical wind it rode in on) than the Unbrella?

Specially designed to not only resist being blown inside out just far enough away from your front door to get a thorough soaking, no matter how fast you run (that’s where it always happens, trust me on this), its patented design sends the message to other sufferers that you are so serious about staying dry, you’re willing to look like one of those guys riding ergonomic reclining bikes (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) to prove it.

Comes in many colors!

Comes in many colors of…blue!

I saw these at (where else?) that purveyor of the weird and wonderful, the Tokyu Hands store in ShibuyaIf you’d like to visit Tokyu Hands the next time you’re in Tokyo, directions & maps are on my website, The Tokyo Guide I Wish I’d Had

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