A Rabbit A Day At The Bunny Cafe


Hello there, bunnies! Wow, you are cute and friendly. Please don’t poop on me.

Fortunately, lap diapers are dispensed at the door, so you can enjoy the lovely bunnies without any dry cleaning anxiety. At the Ohisama rabbit café, a 30-minute lapful of long-eared fluffiness will set you back about ten bucks, including the coffee/tea of your choice (served in the room next door, to avoid the dreaded fur garnish).


Do you have food? Are you food? If you were food, we wouldn’t have to order pizza for a week!


Food! Food! Oh. Not food.


The hardworking rabbitoids of Ohisama, battling it out to be #1 Bunzilla.


Then suddenly…the bunny from another dimension.

Update: Sadly the Ohisama bunny cafe has closed since this post was written, but you can find plenty of others on animalcafes.com.

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