What could possibly go wrong?

What could possibly go wrong?

Went to robot restaurant. Missed last train. Left camera in cab. Noooo!

Although I would rather drink poisonous dried snake tea, have my feet eaten by small brown fish, or plaster my face in bee larvae than call anyone on the phone in any language, I recite my Butch Up Little Missy mantra three times, then use the phone number on the receipt to call the cab dispatcher. At midnight. In Japanese. He checks with the driver, and sure enough, (hey, it’s Japan!) it’s still in the back seat. I’m informed that I can pick it up anytime the next day at taxi headquarters. He gives me the address.

The next day, I google it. It’s in…Kamata? WhereTF is Kamata? I guess I’m about to find out.

I get on a train.
And another train.
And another train.
And the wrong train. Oops, Haneda Airport.
I get on another train.
And another train.
I walk to the little red pin on my GPS.
It’s a 7/11.
Ask 7/11 person if there’s a taxi company anywhere within the known galaxy.
Hallelujah, I don’t have to get on any more trains.
Get directions.
Walk to taxi headquarters.

Live to fight another day.

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