More Extreme Pancakes


Food stylist challenge-o-the-year: how to make blobs of vanilla pudding sitting on top of a pancake look like anything but giant swadges of Butter, Butter & More Butter, with extra butter on top.

What are those little wiggly-looking lumps on top of that monster pancake? I wondered, perusing the specials menu at Hoshino Coffee, home of Godzilla-sized flapjacks. “Crema Catalan & Anglaise Sauce” gave me zero clue, so I had to order it. Turns out they’re…creme brulee? Flan? Vanilla pudding-ish, at any rate. Not what one would expect to find atop a breakfast delight, but not unworthy, especially when topped with whipped cream and kuromitsu (syrup made from Okinawan black sugar), then floated on a lake of creme anglaise goodness!

Was also sorely tempted by the big daddy chestnut-puree construction, which looked like it would deliver Mont Blanc-y flavor X souffle pancake satisfaction. Methinks I’d better go back for Round 2…


Also noted that the food stylist at this shoot managed to avoid the Cthulu-lookalike mound-o-chestnut paste that afflicts so many “Mont Blanc” photos!

If you’d like to visit Hoshino Coffee the next time you’re in Tokyo, a map is on my website, The Tokyo Guide I Wish I’d Had.

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