New Year’s Food Scandal!


What’s wrong with this box of traditional new year’s food (besides the fact that two measly boxes of cold appetizers cost $525)? Well, if it came from any one of the swanky department stores that was recently snagged for mislabeling ingredients, those costly “Shiba” prawns might be proletarian shrimp from India, that “Japanese wagyu beef” was recently hoofing around the outback in Australia, and those “homegrown Japanese” veggies might have come from some farmer’s home in China.

Executives hung their heads in shame after being called out by consumers, who have become a lot more beady about where their food comes from since Fukushima Daiichi started spewing radioactive water onto vast swaths of farmland.

Jonelle Patrick is the author of the Only In Tokyo mystery series, now out for the first time in paperback!


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