All You Can Eat Whoppers!


In Japan, an all-you-can-eat buffet is called a “viking” GO FIGURE. (Why don’t they call it a “vegas”? Then this promo could awesomely be called the Bi-Gas!) Apparently, however, while the “Bi-King” offers “free unlimited seconds,” you do have to buy a Whopper Combo (about $10) that includes a whopper, fries and a drink AND you have to finish that pile of food all by yourself (no passing it around your ten hungriest friends) before you can go back for another. And sadly – in case you were planning to come early and stay late, feasting on Whoppers for breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and midnight snack – the all-you-can-eat meter starts ticking the second you buy your Whopper setto and ends a mere thirty minutes later. So if you want to pound down enough to brag about, better practice your speed eating first.

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