Dessert Sandwich!

In the land where “anything in a tortilla is a taco” and “anything on a crust is a pizza,” why am I not surprised that there’s a cafe playing fast and loose with the word “tart,” serving up what amounts to a dessert sandwich? Choose between a slab of blueberry cheesecake or a brownie with walnuts (both reclining on a bed of whipped cream and garnished with tan mystery chips) swadged between two slices of bread and grilled in a panini press. Enjoy.

Jonelle Patrick is the author of the Only In Tokyo mystery series, now out for the first time in paperback


A Japanese pop star is swept away in the tsunami following a devastating earthquake, and her fans erupt in a frenzy of mourning. In the wake of the disaster, Detective Kenji Nakamura is sent to investigate a death at a local shrine, but…read more