Weenie Madness

"I'm made from a weiner!"

“I’m made from a wiener!”

Tweezers ready? Today we’ll learn how to craft labor-intensive lunchtime snacks from that most unlikely of gourmet ingredients, little red hot dogs!

The secret ingredient to these classic octopus-mimicking treats is the ring of fish sausage one must carefully roll onto the wiener to make the little headband:


This next design is obviously meant to be made from kosher franks, utilizing nail-shunning joinery techniques to fix the airplane wings in place:


If your child is not the sort to inquire what’s actually IN the hot dog, they might enjoy this insect-shaped lunch bite:


The Tweezer Masters among us can turn a weenie into a bunny, complete with hammy muffler.


Sharpen up your nail scissors and sculpt an edamame into a bowl cut for Frank One and Frank Two.


And if you really want to go whole hog, break out the cheese slices and seaweed to make this masterpiece of tiny swear-worthy pieces. Best to save this one for a time of year when you’re unlikely to sneeze mid-bee.


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