Doll Eyes


100% Japanese? A-yup!

I’ve always wondered, how do ordinary 100% Japanese women get that round-eyed babydoll look? Fortunately, Ageha magazine hired a pro makeup artist to spill all the secrets!

Here’s where she started:


She’s already got a head start on the hair bleaching and eyelid glue, and she’s no stranger to makeup and fake eyelashes, but she definitely still looks Japanese.

Okay, here’s the step by step transformation!


1: The key point is to glue on the fake bottom lashes BELOW your actual eyelid! See how they start out on the inside edge where they belong, but end up about an eighth of an inch below the edge of her actual eyelid? See how there’s a little triangle of skin between the eyeball and the fake lashes? By doing this, the makeup artist actually changed how we see the shape of the model’s eyes! A little eyeliner pencil seals the deal.

2: Exchange those straight upper faux lashes for a set of swoopy curly ones. These get pasted just above your natural eyelashes (You can still kind of see the model’s real eyelashes poking straight out below the fake ones in the last picture.)

3: Next, put in your bright blue circle contacts, boosting your resemblance to Chucky 100%.

4: Pink eyeshadow below the eyes makes that part of the face look less flat. (Do Westerners really have hillier faces than Japanese? I never noticed!)

5: Dark brown eyeshadow goes above, to make eyes look more deep-set.

6: And finally, a swoosh of face powder that’s much lighter than your skin goes straight down the nose, to change that perky Japanese shape into a “tall” Western-style schnozz.

And voila! That’s how you become a living doll! The tougher question might be…why would a beautiful Japanese woman want to?

BeforeAfter copy

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