Photoshop Yourself In Real Life


Want to flaunt a tattoo without giving your mom a heart attack?


Want to cover up that fire-breathing festival fool ink you got in a drunken fit of enthusiasm at the last King Of Tattoo convention before you go home to see the folks this summer?


Want your makeup to look like you just stepped off the assembly line at the Barbie factory?


This ad for airbrush equipment assures us that “This summer, body art is hot!” and tutors nail artists in all the latest techniques for embellishing skin, nails, and even hair for the steamy months ahead. While the wedding art does seem a bit of a stretch, I predict hipsters all over Japan will breathe a sigh of relief that their fits of rebellion don’t have to last long enough to be regretted anymore.


With fake body art, even these painful locations can be decorated without shedding a tear.

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