How To Get Anime Eyes, Part II


If only I could be an anime character like Asuka!

Eyelid glue? Check!

Colored circle contacts? Check!

Long curled eyelashes? Oh no! Quick, get thee to the eyelash salon!

EyelashExtendSeems like there’s a shop on every corner promising Japanese women the long curled eyelashes of their dreams. Because Asian eyes have single fold lids, eyelashes tend to point straight down instead of out, and Japanese eyelashes tend to be short and straight rather than long and curled. Girls are often seen on the train using one of those medieval-torture-device-like eyelash curlers, crimping their natural ones into submission.

But if you’ve got a stack of spare ¥1000 notes lying around, you can have an aesthetician painstakingly glue extensions on every lash. Prices vary according to how many individual lashes you want glued: forty extended upper lashes cost about $34, a hundred upper lashes cost about $70, eighty upper and twenty lower is $87. The three pictures above correspond with the set prices, suggesting that the cheapest one makes you look Natural, the mid-range boosts you up to Gorgeous, and the most expensive is guaranteed to make you Sexy.

And all of them move you that much closer to looking like Asuka from Evangelion…

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