The Bar Owned By A Dog

HanaGreetLike any good bar owner, Hana waits to greet her customers at the door with a look of cheerful recognition, even if she can’t remember if you’ve been there before or not. Then she makes the rounds of her tables, stopping to chat with her patrons…and be petted.


Hmm, looks like the table in the corner could use another round. Bartender!


Yes, Hana-tencho, two strawberry daiquiri coming right up!

Hana is a shiba inu, a dog that originated on the small Japanese island of Shikoku, and I think they still look like clever foxes. Shibas are usually this lovely red, but there are also black, cream and rather rare brindle varieties. I admit I’m not usually much of a dog person, but for some reason, shiba inus have wriggled their way into my faithless cat-loving heart. The only problem is, they are quite smart and energetic so…


…Kuma-kun’s owner tells me he needs to be walked a minimum of two hours a day!

Waah, I’m sorry to report that the Bar Black Sheep has closed. I hope that Hana is lying on her chaise lounge, eating doggie bonbons and enjoying her retirement.

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