April 12


How much is that doggie in the…YOU’RE KIDDING!


¥269,800? For a puppy? At first I thought I was suffering from some kind of rare double vision only affecting zeros, but nope. That little white shiba-inu pup really is selling for over 2,700 George Washingtons. Do you think maybe it can perform amazing magic tricks? Or it’s a Mozart prodigy? Maybe it’s already been recruited to replace that girl in AKB48!

But sadly, I see there’s no way I can afford a puppy. What about a nice little kitteh?


Oh no! AIEEEE!!! The Maine Coon is going for almost $2,800 and the Ragamuffin is a whopping $3,300! Of course, the store offers a convenient 30-installment payment plan – just as if I were buying a major appliance – but last time I checked, washers and dryers don’t need to be fed, and cats don’t exactly help out with the dirty socks. No wonder everybody goes to cat cafés and rents a kitteh by the hour!

Okay, let’s think again. Forget the pet store. What about a nice adopted animal from a shelter? People move, lose their jobs, get old, etc. and can’t care for a pet anymore,  just like in the rest of the world, right? So they must have a shelter full of animals just waiting to be adopted! Well, sort of. There are shelters, but not that many. The chances of an adult animal getting adopted are really slim, I understand. I was told it’s because nobody wants a “used” pet. ( ; _ ; )

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