What Kind Of Women Go To Host Clubs?


In case you think the kind of women who go to host clubs are all loser dogs who can’t get a boyfriend, think again! Many of them are women who have too many men after them, not too few!

What kind of woman pays a guy to spend time with her? The truth might surprise you – it’s not women who are too unattractive to get near a guy otherwise. Actually, about seventy percent of women who go to host clubs work in the mizu shōbai business themselves (in hostess clubs or places that provide other kinds of entertainment for men). For one thing, they can afford it, since a successful hostess can make as much money as a successful host. And after a long night of making the men they’re entertaining feel like they’re God’s Gift To Women (even if they’re just a spotty assistant car dealer from rural Aomori), it’s not surprising that hostesses want to relax and get some of the same treatment themselves.

And around thirty percent are just regular women of all kinds. Office ladies. Woman execs who work long hours. Single women who are too busy to have a boyfriend (or choose not to for various reasons). Married women whose husbands work all the time. Girls who just want to feel like they’re out on a date, even though they don’t have a boyfriend.

So, do you have to sneak around to do it? The answer is no, it’s not shameful to go to a host club (not like a guy being caught coming out of a strip joint) but it’s not the kind of thing you’d probably mention to your boss or your grandmother. And if you don’t have money, you can get into trouble, fast. A host club habit can cost thousands of dollars a week, if you’re a regular. Going to a host club isn’t shameful, but getting into debt is. So you have to be careful it doesn’t become a habit you can’t afford.

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