How To Get Yourself A Tall Nose


Making your nose look bigger is not at the top of most Westerners’ must-have beauty techniques, but stylish Japanese blades are apparently keen on giving their schnozzes a lift! From the ever-entertaining pages of Men’s Spider magazine (the slightly more host-centric version of Men’s Knuckle!), behold the step by step instructions for nose enhancing makeup and eyebrow shape-shifting!

First, the nose:

If you want to make your nose look less flat, brush a stripe of light-colored foundation powder down the center. Then darken the sides of your nose next to your eyes and on the flange-y bits at the bottom to make it look narrower.

Now, the brows:

1: Trim down to a stubble.

2: Tweeze errant hairs

3: Pencil in the shape (choose from Regular, Wild, Smart and Sharp!)

4: Brush on powder over the pencil

5: Use mascara to highlight the little buzzcut hairs.

And yes, these are beauty tips for men!

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