Snow That…Shovels Itself?


Check out the snow dustpans!

So, remember my shock and amazement when I discovered how Japanese streets clean themselves without benefit of municipal street sweepers?

Well guess what? – that’s how they shovel and plow themselves too! Check out these salarymen in their black suits, out on the shopping street near my school on the morning after it snowed – they all came to work early to diligently clear the street in front of their office!

Later I saw another group of office workers out in front of the building next to my school, attacking the snow that had been trampled into icy brickitude around the vending machines. Not only were they wielding snow shovels and snow dustpans, they were using several kinds of stiff, green-bristled broom-things to scrub away at the bits and pieces not scraped clean by the shovels. I felt kind of bad for them, because it looked about as rewarding as trying to scrub a basketball court with a toothbrush.

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